Service Area
Service Area

Service Area

Our service area is the northern Parks Highway in Interior Alaska. This includes:


Parks Highway Towing
We are located right on the Parks Highway, 10 miles north of Nenana. Our shop and office are highly visible and easy to find with the three flags and the statue of the Marine out front.


Nenana (population 440) was originally a native Athabaskcan Indian village and is a transportation hub with the meeting of the highway, railroad, and river system. It is the home of three barge companies which transport goods to villages along the Tanana and Yukon Rivers. It is famous for the Nenana Ice Classic, a guessing contest, started in 1917, on the break-up of the ice on the Tanana River in the Spring with a winning pot of close to $300,000 in recent years, and for being the start of the diphtheria serum run of 1925.


The town of Anderson (population 242) is about six miles down the side road from Clear. It is famous for its Bluegrass Festival every summer.


Clear AFS
Clear is one of three over-the-horizon, early-warning, ballistic-missile detection sites in the world. It is a highly secure military base.


Healy (population 1,027) is the home of Usibelli Coal Mine and has many services for visitors to Denali Park.


Denali Park
Denali National Park (over 6 million acres) is the home of Denali (Mt. McKinley) which at 20,320 feet is the highest peak in North America and an abundance of wildlife including Moose, Brown Bears (Grizzlies), Caribou, Wolves, and Dall Sheep. The 91 mile long Park Road is not open to private vehicles and is usually traveled by bus.


Cantwell (population 183) is located at the junction with the Denali Highway, a spectacular drive of 135 miles to Paxson on the Richardson Highway. It is not maintained (plowed) in the winter. Cantwell has services for travelers and visitors to Denali Park.

Are you near us and need our services, but cannot reach us?

If you breakdown or have an accident within a few miles of our office, in the area without cellular phone reception, feel free to stop at our place and use the courtesy phone by the door. It will automatically dial us, where ever we may be.