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About Us

companyWe have the equipment, training, and experience to provide the safest and least damaging service for your vehicle. AP McDonald is trained and certified by WreckMaster, IITR, and TRAA. If you are on the northern Parks Highway in Alaska, including the communities of Nenana, Anderson, Clear Air Force Station, Healy, Denali Park, and Cantwell, Parks Highway Service & Towing can get to you quickly from our location near Nenana.

Licenses, Inspections, and Insurance


Our tow truck drivers have Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) which require a higher level of training, testing, and lower tolerance for impaired driving. All drivers also have passed medical exams and carry a “med card.”


Our trucks are maintained to the standards required by the state and federal regulations for commercial vehicles and are inspected regularly with proof of annual inspection displayed.


Parks Highway Service & Towing carries commercial insurance for “on-hook” and “garage-keepers” which covers your vehicle while it is in our care.

Alaska State Troopers

Parks Highway Service & Towing is on the rotation list for the Alaska State Troopers and has met all of the requirements for handling impounds, accidents, and referrals.


photoWreckMaster provides on-hands training and certification in towing and recoveries as well as video training and products.


photoInternational Institute of Towing & Recovery provides a course and testing in the program: “Towing and Recovery with Light-duty Equipment.”


photoTowing & Recovery Association of America is the “Voice of America’s Tow Truck Industry” and is a membership organization providing leadership in the industry as well as certification programs.

Tow Times

photoTow Times is an outstanding trade magazine for the towing industry, published monthly. A.P. McDonald has been a staff writer for many years, authoring the column: “Maintenance Matters.”


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